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Why Choose Practical Home Care?



The Right People, The Right Training,

Create Practical Team.

We are the solution to meet your Home Care needs!


Our Caregivers are chosen and trained to match our client's specific needs and to protect their health, welfare and their properties. 

We Serve Our Communities for over a decade and Help many Families to accomplished the end results they expected from our team. 

We have great references from clients and past clients to make sure you are comfortable with us and to be sure we can deliver a great service to satisfy you and your family by:


 * Screening our Caregivers- conduct a full Criminal            Background Check

 * DMV Record Check

 * Professional References Check

 * Certification Verification

 * Personally Screened & Interviewed

 * Internal Orientation

 * On-going Caregivers Training throughout the year.

We thrive on our reputation, Our Success is Based on the Quality of our Caregivers.

Each Caregiver must pass one final crucial test. They must be individual we would feel comfortable placing in our own parent's home.

We are Licensed, Bonded and Insured.

Practical Home Care Services
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